Accredited Green Deal Assessor
Undertake Green Deal Assessments in accordance with new Government Green Deal initiative. 

The Government's new Green Deal allows for Energy Efficiency Improvements to be made to qualifying properties without upfront payment (subject to terms and conditions)
The Accredited Green Deal Assessor (also an Accredited DEA) makes a visit to the property to determine building fabric and Occupancy Levels. Then submits this information to produce the relevant reports.
If the property qualifies and the owners (and other interested parties) wish to proceed with the improvements, the project will be managed by a Green Deal Provider. The cost of the improvements are in the form of a loan tied to the property.
The "Golden Rule" being that savings in energy costs must meet the cost of the improvements over an allotted time period. The repayments are collected via an attachment to the electricity bill. As an example: if the previous electricity bill was
 £100 per month and the improvements reduced that payment to £70, the the bill would still be £100 with £30 (per month) going to pay off the loan.The electricity bill is selected because not all properties have gas. Where the savings reduce the gas bill then the amount saved on the gas bill would be added to the electricity bill. It is also possible to make up front payments to extend the scope of improvements.

All energy improvement measures (associated with the Green Deal) must be installed by Approved Green Deal Installers, as a guarantee of quality.

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